Published On: Wed, Jul 6th, 2011

Inside Donald Trump’s New Jet

Image by AFP/Getty Images via @daylife

Donald Trump has just unveiled his newly refurbished $100 million Boeing 757, an aircraft that once belonged to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and what an overhaul it was. In fact, the aircraft’s interiors are almost gold plated as gold can be found covering everything from the sinks and faucets down to the seat belt fixtures themselves.

Should you be flying with the Donald, you can expect to be seated in the aircraft’s wood paneled and suede ceiling covered passenger cabin. Seated here, you will be able to watch the latest episode of the Apprentice on a 52-inch plasma television screen that’s also preprogrammed with 1,000 movies or listen to music on the aircraft’s state-of-the-art music sound system. Moreover, you will know that you are in the Donald’s aircraft as his name and the family crest are etched just about everywhere. All told, Donald’s new aircraft can accommodate 43 passengers in the utmost comfort imaginable.

Meanwhile and for the Donald himself (along with his wife Melania), there is a private bedroom that includes a massive flat-screen television and even a console where electric shades covering the room’s windows can be controlled at the push of a button. There is also a huge closet for both Donald and Melania to share.

As for the Donald’s old aircraft, a 43 year old Boeing 727 half the size of his new aircraft, its been on sale for a mere $8 million since 2009.

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