Published On: Thu, Jul 13th, 2017

leave to focus on mental health is a lesson for all of us!

New Delhi: Mental illness is a serious issue that hasn’t received its fair share of importance. Unfortunately, most people still feel it isn’t as relevant as physical illnesses, which in turn makes those suffering from it more hesitant to come out in the open, even if it means putting their health on the back burner.

Thankfully, social stigmas that accompany mental illness have begun to be frowned upon and mental health issues are being addressed frequently with more and more people coming to the forefront with their own personal conflicts.

One such person who is suffering from mental health issues and didn’t hesitate to own up to it is Madalyn Parker.

Parker works for live chat software engineering company Olark and has been extremely vocal about her battle with mental illness.

Recently, she felt she needed a break to cope and emailed her team – including her boss – saying that she’ll be taking a couple of days leave to focus on her mental health.

Her boss’ response is an inspirational example that everyone needs to look up to and treat mental health with the sensitivity it deserves.

At a time when employees are afraid of discussing it with co-workers and bosses, because they don’t want to lose their jobs, damage relationships or risk future employers learning of illnesses and judging them, Madalyn went ahead and addressed it.

Her tweet has garnered around 15,000 retweets and response from all over twitter has been pouring in lauding and cheering her boss for his support, while also praising Madalyn for speaking out about her mental health.

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