Published On: Fri, Jul 7th, 2017

Girl’s body, steel trunk and woman’s clothes: How Delhi Police solved a blind murder case

On June 28, locals of northeast Delhi’s Bhajanpura area alerted police about a steel trunk floating in a drain. What police discovered from the trunk was something which left every one aghast – a body of a girl along with clothes of an adult woman.

Despite best of efforts, the police failed to identify the girl or get to her killer. The case was proving to be a tough one to crack for the Delhi Police as there were hardly any evidence which could provide a lead in solving the case.


The post mortem revealed that the body was of a 13-year-old. However, her identity was still unknown. The cops were also clueless about the clothes which were found with the body.

The salwar kameez was the only piece of evidence that the cops had and they decided to proceed further in their investigation on that basis.

The police got their first breakthrough when woman identified the clothes. The police reached one Ibral’s house. His wife confirmed that those were her clothes but had no idea how they were found along side the girl’s body.

She also told the police that Ibral had been missing since last couple of days. However, Ibral was missing from the house. The police had got a major clue.

After an extensive search for the next two days, Iqbal was finally arrested. He initially denied any role in the murder but confessed to his crime later.

Ibral told the police that on the day of crime he was drunk and alone in his house. As soon as he saw the girl passing by his house, he dragged her inside.

Ibral beat up the girl and raped her. He then killed the 13-year-old in a fit of rage and stuffed her body in a trunk but forgot to take out his wife’s clothes kept in it.

He then disposed off the box in a drain near to his house thinking that it will flow away and sink. But the trunk got stuck in the filth which prevented it from sinking. The box was later spotted by locals who informed the police.


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